Allen & Clarke Plumbing & Heating ltd maintains home emergency call out services to support the elderly, vulnerable and NHS workers during the coronavirus crisis.


Heating and hot water are essential to our daily lives, but never more so than now as the majority of us are confined to our homes

We are undertaking strict social distancing guidelines with our customers and taking full precautions such as
contacting customers when the engineer arrives, asking customers to leave the front door open for the engineer on arrival to reduce contact to a minimum, asking customers to stay in another room whilst the work is being carried out and wearing protective clothing.
We are committed to delivering the emergency services we are allowed to provide, ensuring our customers are not left without heating or hot water during this lockdown

In this difficult time the novelty of working from home for some might have already worn off, and the kids are getting bored, all the days are rolling into one with seemingly no end in sight 



Our company directors Clive, Amy, Dan and Laura wanted to share with you our recent family photos of activities and fun ways of getting your kids involved

Local walks
Making dens, Camping in the garden
Reading together
Growing your own fruit & vegetables

* Not forgetting making a lot of noise every Thursday Evening at 8pm,Thanking the NHS for their incredible work.
Our children enjoy clapping and banging pots and pans with wooden spoons!


Maybe you have some suggestions?
Please Let us know on our Facebook page we would love to see –
Baking is a wonderful way to spark a lifelong love to the kitchen in your children .
It teaches kids about the processes of cooking, following a recipe, measuring, combining ingredients, its messy but therefore fun!!
With the rewards hard to resist !!
Here are some simple baking ideas we have tried in both the Allen and Clarke households which the children have very much enjoyed !!….

Easy Fork Biscuits

With only 3 ingredients, the simple fork biscuit recipe for kids is perfect to keep them busy in the kitchen
Here is the link for the recipe and instructions…

Old Skool Retro Sprinkle Tray Bake

Make this Super spongy retro sprinkle tray bake that reminds you of being back to school !
I guarantee it will be a hit for everyone !

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We wish all our customers and their families the best in this difficult time, keep safe and we look forward to opening our full list of services to you when we all get through this
Many thanks Allen & Clarke Team x