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For every customer who has an air to air heat pump supplied and installed by our team you will receive a free smart controller...

This offer will continue up until the end of September 2023! 

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We are GOLD accredited Worcester Bosch Installers. We can offer up to 10 year guarantees on selected Bosch boilers.

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Renewable energy & Air Conditioning

Allen and Clarke are making strides in providing services to our customers that include renewable technologies that are not only good for our planet by reducing our carbon footprint, but also saving money on our energy bills.

Renewable Technology

What is an air source heat pump?

Air source heat pumps are an air conditioning unit that has the benefit of producing heat throughout the winter, using the the external temperature to extract heat and are the most common type of heat pumps.

Suitable for any home, outbuilding, office space, even apartments and flat situations off the ground.

Some electricity energy is required to allow this though it is only around 25% of the total energy used during the process.

Air source heat pumps will operate in low temperatures too.

Why choose an air source heat pump?

The main advantage of an air source heat pump is that they safeguard homeowners against fluctuations in energy prices.

Heat pumps use the environment to generate 75% of the heating for your home.

As an added benefit, it can also act as an air cooler during the warmer summer months, improving your comfort and purification to the air in your home.

Good news from 1st April 2022 

To encourage homeowners and business owners to have energy saving materials such as heat pumps zero rated VAT applies to the installation of energy saving heating.

Worcester Bosch accredited installers 

At A&C we are extremely proud to be your local Worcester Bosch accredited installers.

The accreditation is awarded directly by Worcester Bosch themselves and shows they recognise the high standards of work that we complete.

That means we are specialist in our field and we can offer you a range of extra benefits when you choose us to supply and install your brand new Worcester Bosch boiler or Worcester Bosch heat pump.

Bosch Single Split Air Conditioning Unit

Our 3000i air conditioning unit delivers both heating and cooling for homes, small businesses or office spaces – providing comfort throughout the year. 

Worcester Bosch 5 year warranty.

With an energy efficiency rating of A++ for cooling and A+ for heating, our newest design delivers the best solutions to give user comfort and smart connectivity with our HomeCom Easy App.*

The air conditioning unit is easy to install, quiet when in operation and has a purifying filter that eliminates up to 95% of dust particles, smoke odour and pollen, providing you with cleaner air.


  • ‘Silent Outdoor Unit’ mode – Reduce noise emitted by the outdoor unit to 20 or 21 db(A) (depending on the model) when in use.
  • ‘Follow me’ mode – Indoor unit measures room temperature via the temperature sensor in the remote control.
  • ‘Self-cleaning’ mode – The Self Cleaning mode prevents mold from forming by using plasmacluster ions in the indoor unit.
  • ‘Wind avoid me’ mode – Prevent air blowing directly on you by using the remote controller to adjust the wind direction towards the ceiling.
  • Anti-corrosion – Special anti-corrosion gold coating of fins.

Our Summer offer 

For every customer who has an air to air heat pump supplied and installed by our team you will receive a free smart controller 

This offer will continue up until the end of September 2023!

Annual servicing for your heat pump 

At A&C we can also provide your annual service to your heat pump.

Standard Air Conditioning Unit Service – £100+vat

(£5 Senior discount given on all servicing over the age of 60)

Includes a complimentary air freshener.


  • Maximise efficiency: Your air conditioner loses approximately 5% of its efficiency every year if it goes without servicing. Regular maintenance will ensure your unit can remain at peak performance, giving you quicker cooling and heating and more efficient power consumption.
  • Lengthen lifespan: Your air conditioner is a mechanical device and like any mechanical device, its parts will wear out over time. Blockages can occur and parts may need to be replaced. With regular servicing you can double the lifespan of your air conditioner.
  • Save on electricity costs: A poorly maintained unit will have diminished efficiency and cost you more in electricity costs. By regularly servicing your air conditioner, you can save up to 25% on your electricity bill.
  • Improve air quality: Your air conditioner keeps your environment comfortable by controlling humidity and regulating air quality. If regular maintenance is neglected, air quality will suffer and this can lead to associated health risks.
  • Maintain warranty: Most air conditioning manufacturers offer an extended warranty on all new units providing they are serviced regularly from the date of installation. If you neglect to service your air conditioner, you will render your extended warranty null and void.

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