Why we advise you to make sure your boiler is regularly serviced

In order to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty on your boiler you will need to have your boiler serviced every 12 months

It is best to ensure your boiler is in tip top condition especially before the colder months as the last thing you need is a breakdown in frosty or freezing temperatures.

Your boiler should be serviced annually to spot any problems before they happen which can then reduce the chance of your boiler breaking down 

There are a few things you can do to help keep your boiler functioning well.
 Like a car, if your boiler is left switched off for a few months at a time, when it is turned on it may stutter or fail to work effectively.So throughout the summer months its recommended to turn the boiler on regularly for short periods of time 

When the boiler is on, does it sound normal?

We have received many calls for our engineers attending to boilers making loud clanging noises, this will need to be looked at by a professional and repaired 

Bleed your radiators

Regularly bleeding your radiators can help both the radiators and the boiler, faulty radiators mean the boiler has to work harder, cutting efficiency and costing more.

This is a straight forward job, open the valve on the radiator and allow any trapped air to escape. This will enable the radiators to heat up fully or call our team who can carry this out for you 

Power flushing 

We do recommend to have power flush your radiators every 3-4  years, this is something our engineers can carry out for you, it is essentially a deep clean of all your radiators by flushing a cleaning chemical through the heating system. This flushes out any sludge and trapped dirt and will ensure they function to full capacity 

 Why choose our team to carry out your service?

Our team of engineers are Gas Safe, Oftec oil and LPG registered 

At  A&C our engineers specialize in all aspects of plumbing and heating
Boiler servicing covers a large majority of our work, we carry out boiler servicing throughout the year on all makes and models of boilers.

Did you know?

At A&C we thrive to provide excellent customer service.We want to ensure our senior citizens are warm and comfortable in their homes and as such we offer with every boiler service a
Senior citizen discount of £5 off

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Every customer of ours who had their boiler serviced by our team gets automatically entered into our monthly prize draw to win £50 in Love 2 Shop high street vouchers!!

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We now offer a Full strip down service on both gas and oil boilers

Aswell as an annual standard service we advise your boiler to have a full strip down service every 3 years this includes the replacement of any necessary seals which are recommended every few years and prevents any future issues that may occur from wear and tear 

Please get in touch to arrange your boiler service with our team 

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